The Golden Gate National Parks

 My experience at Golden Gate involved transforming parklands and going to scale. After founding the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, I served as CEO for three decades, growing the organization from three staff to over 400 and providing over $700 million of support to park projects and programs.

Transformed historic military posts to national parks involving more than $1 billion of public/private investment. Designed and created visitor facilities. Created an award-winning conservation partnership, One Tam, the Art in the Parks program, and the Institute at the Golden Gate to promote innovation in parks and public lands.

“For philanthropy to be successful, bold leaders are needed to advance the public good with a strong sense of vision, service, community support, and action. Greg’s approach at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy ensured that philanthropic partnerships were deeply collaborative and that the results achieved the highest standards of public purpose, the greatest amount of public benefit, and the excellence and innovation that come from the power of public engagement.”

Jennie Lehua Watson, former President, Walter and Evelyn Haas, Jr. Fund