International Projects/Assignments

Through special assignments, I have supported national parks, public lands, and urban parks in Australia, New Zealand, British Columbia, China, Chile, South Africa, and Italy – working with local, provincial/state, national, NGOs and other jurisdictions.  

Projects have included working with regional and national parks in New Zealand and Australia, advising visitor experience and visitor capacity efforts in Chinese World Heritage Sites, growing a system of national parks in Italy, supporting urban national parks in Cape Town, South Africa, furthering public engagement and philanthropy with parks in British Columbia and Canada, advancing public support and engagement in an unprecedented expansion of national parks in Patagonia, Chile, and more.  

“New Zealand park and conservation professionals at all levels have benefited from Greg’s experience, insights, and recommendations. Whether in Auckland or Wellington, in Fiordland or Tongariro National Parks, with pristine braided rivers or urban parks, Greg has advanced principles of partnership, collaboration, revenue models, and stewardship that have brought us new and effective models for success.”

Geoff Canham, Principal Parks and Recreation Specialist; Convenor of Parks Leaders Forum, New Zealand; current consultant to New Zealand parks/public lands